Thursday, May 03, 2007

A prelude to the wonder that is "thebnagardude"

I hate titles that are blatant and obvious but this, ladies and gentlemen deserves an exception to that self-imposed rule..and one more thing, not many of you will be able to fully appreciate this post but I will try to compensate that with as many bad jokes about telugu people as I can; as far as golts go..err.. sorry, nothing there for u without further ado let me present
ABBBBEEEEE( or How I went to art class, made my friend a watchman, painted the town whiiite and ended up with worst kept secret in the world)

Well he started out his career as a dashing 8 year old who fell head over heels in love with a girl in his class..Now eight year olds have a unique perspective to life, while people generally associate glasses with old people, telugu heroes(brightly colored ones), manmohan singh, telugu heroines(even brighter ones) and so on; eight year olds especially of the variety who grow up to ride unicorns when they are older, think its the deal to get the girls...And the rest as they say is history... he spent 12hrs a day 6 inches from the TV, got the glasses, a power of -1 for his efforts and didnt get the girl.

But abbbbeee was made of sterner stuff, and this had just whetted his appetite for a career of scintillating comedies to enthrall me and his many friends for years to come. So our hero ended up one day suddenly in an art class. Before I proceed further, the one rule you should all know to fully understanding our hero's psyche is:
abbbe getting out of his chair can only mean one of the following:
1. He has to pee
2.His mom/dad/granny/gf/humans in general are not home and he has to move to get food (sometimes he prefers starving till someone comes along to do the needful)
3.He is trying to/ going to meet a girl, mostly whom he would be in love with...not that his filtering process was very strong..he "left his heart"( his peculiar quote to indicate that he fell for a girl) at many places including mmm.S...mmm...R..mmm..M.....??? (I said was.. mrs. abbbee :), and on that note, no offence to the golts too, oops, it slipped out again!)

OK, returning to our theme, abbe went to the art class regularly, only missing the floor altogether each time and going one story up to accidentally run into this girl at 5pm sharp on wednesdays, fridays and sundays..Then our brave hero would give her the good ol stare , drink her in slowly, give her one more clean head to toe stare, and then after telling her verbatim the few words he had prepared at home last night, he would go back to the art class dreamily and start work on the next few words to say the next time they met.

Well I promised a sneak peak and thats what you got. Any further queries on telugu wardrobe, the gods they worship, or Abbbee in general will have to wait till I am as jobless as I am now and as vengeful -to stake revenge on something he did earlier- as I am now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can you speak like this about NT Ramarao the great.. You know about the things he has achieved? U know the wonder he has created.

1:04 AM  
Blogger karthik said...

"U know the wonder he has created"?
U mean junior NTR, yeah he definitely IS a wonder!

8:49 AM  
Blogger Arun said...

"after telling her verbatim the few words he had prepared at home last night, he would go back to the art class dreamily and start work on the next few words to say the next time they met."...awesome...lolz!


does NTR know about this?

9:00 AM  
Blogger karthik said...

Payback is a Bitch

8:31 PM  

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