Monday, August 29, 2005

Here I go again

Irritating,obnoxious and vain to the core,
A girl whose wit never got off the floor,
Never would the twain meet was what I thought,
Then the large eyes opened and it was all to nought.

The obvious was just about her limit,
And that too broken down,fed bit by bit,
Her arrogance in contrast rose to the heavens,
Only stopped on the way by the question is 5+2 seven?,

Finally I decided couldnt take it any more,
Unanswered calls brought my feelings to the fore,
To which she replied by giving me the sack,
And told me to go hunt for another rack.

Angry and relieved I looked forwards towards a future,
Not to explain that(rubber)stamps are not made of rubber,
Then my eyes caught sight of the curves attired in red,
Who knows this could be different,naah here i go AGAIN.


Blogger shobana venkatram said...

he(y) man!!

well gotta reciprocate the compliment to keep mine in flow;) this is not blog fixing or anything..tht poem was really good hmmmm i think i ll make an exception 4 him n lie once in my life;)..ur turn:)

7:59 AM  
Blogger Lucky Balaraman said...

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Blogger Arun said...

well considering the fan follwing and ppl askin u to put their ads and all, roark u have a gr8 future ahead...

personally the poem seemed rather amateurish to me at certain places and had me in splits for the way u were tryin to was nice anyways..seriously...etho figure pona kadupu la ezhutheertthey ;)...assaalt pannu roark...ohh (here i go again).

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:42 AM  
Blogger Aravind said...

superb da..good work!

6:21 AM  
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7:06 PM  
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