Sunday, August 14, 2005

Riding the night train

1 am in the morning and I just cant sleep.The lights are off and from the middle berth I just look at the street lights and the dark emptiness as they whiz past me.The compartment sways rhythmically and the distant hoot of the train whistle just completes the setting.I think to myself, it cant get any better than this.

Why? Probably because riding a night train is the best metaphor I can think of, of how I want my life to be.A great screamer of a journey,fast and purposeful and enjoying every single damn minute of it.

As the train flies past another bridge and the cool wind hits me smack in the face,I wonder if its also the emptiness.Suddenly the earth seems like an empty canvas,dark and noiseless and I feel like I am its only owner.To paint on the canvas feels too presumptuous and all I want is to just gaze at it all alone for just that one second that the train affords in which a small snapshot is etched in my brain.Not an image of great detail but still clear somehow.In the sense of not wanting to know the details and ruining it.The fact that it exists as in my conception of it and nothing else.

Then all of a sudden the sky turns blue and the sights are visible.They are beautiful and the ride is still great but somehow the moment(or the moments as it were) is lost.Presently a voice calls out "chaay" and I begin to yawn.


Blogger Arun said...

Great post da!!..welcome to the blogger's world..happy to see you join the band-wagon...and btw i guess u have a li'l confusion between the title of the post and the title of your blog....well well who said that Gail Wynand existed only in conception..heres our boy!...write regularly!

9:46 AM  
Blogger shyam said...

no mach...just a coincidence..wanted to name the blog that and then thought why not write an article on a night train too...And being welcomed by the big daddy of blogging is a privilidge..Thanx thalai

4:53 AM  

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