Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Not quite...

screech! yup thats my banshee alarm I say to myself..which could mean only one thing..Another day has begun.Yeah the past 4 years have had about as much variation as kumbles bowling..get up cursing the clock..the daily battle of heart and mind(ie heart saying"come on go back to sleep...just this once..for the sake of this soft fluffy pillow..cmon" and mind retorting"Listen u bastard u bunked the last 2 days..anymore and u outta a degree and a family"..The mind winning out..and after deciding the category of shower to be had ie- a. pissed off(26 seconds)b.bettergetclean(55 seconds)...i start the long journey to the bus stand..here again meet the same old cronies, nice guys but mutually sick of seeing each other first thing every morning and scouting eagle eyed for the 3 year old ritual of seeing the babe in the black tracksuit while waiting for the bus to come.The daily dose of super rock a baby bus sleep comes to an abrupt halt as the sickeningly white buildings of my college loom on the horizon.

Could go on about my classes too but that would require heavy duty recollection on my part.I mean its hard trying to remember something
you attend once a fortnight and even then only lured by the promise of eating my classmates super lunch or to engage in super fun strategic chalk-missile attacks on my enemies(all of whom satisfy the important criteria of being extreme fun to target ).Anyways continuing, the sense of dejavu gets creepy beyond words when my friends and I start talking the same things as the previous
day and thats when I decided enough is enough..Running as fast as my legs could take me,I run to the sports block and after some intense haggling I get hold of a squash racket and ball and proceed to beat the hell out of it for an hour.Get freaking tired but I know that this is what i need,something to beat the scary sameness of it all,to get out of the wet cement like lethargy,just to have a blast on my own terms.Then i glance at my watch,college is over, time to go home.Well it started out routine but it was not the same...not quite..And with a smile I walk back to my bus.

"Look at him all hoarse and tired"
"Yeah past one week has been the same,he comes, takes the racket plays till his legs give way..Poor guy, wonder how he doesnt find it monotonous"


Blogger shobana venkatram said...

u better start getting better at changing ur routine!! ur blog also beginning 2 show signs of senility like u.. ;)

8:24 AM  
Blogger Arun said...

i never knew u play squash at coll...neways u're too bugged...roark u need dominique or high time u chuckedd him and started the banner..think.

8:22 AM  
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