Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So it is on the grass of the San Siro, Comes the match of our times

Suddenly, a month had gone week left??? No it was more like 168 gruelling, painstaking hours...

And its not yet over, As I write, 166 have gone past...Two hours more...

These 120 Minutes will go in what Logic states to be no different from the time to watch a movie or hear 7200 clicks on my Beige Wall clock..But I know better.. I will not be watching the movie but just staring at the status bar to calculate how many of that little box's infinitesimal movements makes two hours. I am not going to hear 7200 clicks but actually have the most teeth-gnashing countdown in the world ever, where, by the time I reach the last 10 clicks, there's a good chance that my nerves will just have had enough and call a day on me

So yeah, I am going to write, write and try not to see the little clock at the bottom of my screen, Write and try and expend this nervous energy into some ultra fierce typing, Write and try and understand why this is just so unbelievably exciting for me

Because, when two hours are past, When I finally hear THAT ANTHEM , sounding out at one of the Cathedrals of Sport, I will know it is time... Playing the team that beat us in our quest for the treble.... 4 Times Champions up against 3 times Champions...Playing in the Capital of Football home to 10 of these Cups..The Round of 16 of the Champions League... Bayern versus Internazionale Milan

Playing in Europe. Midweek. The words no Football Fan can utter without a hint of hauteur. Its the words that identifies your club to be in the clique. If All Football Clubs in Europe were college Students, Clubs that play in Europe Midweek are the Boys in a Harvard Final Club. Doors Closed, No one else allowed.

The incredible glamour of the Champions league is not just in its excusivity, also in the setting - Great European Cities that have seen many and much too real battles in years past, now see those age old European rivalries settled only on the Football pitch.

Finally I guess its the waiting that makes it so special. A team loses in the league and it has another shot this season and definitey two shots in the next. In Europe however, that second chance might take a year, two years or maybe not in the next 10

And these old European rivals might go about winning trophies, never meeting and Finally when they do meet, on a cold winter night in an old historic European City, they know they have to take this chance. The next one might be a while in coming...


Blogger shards said...

So kewl to read your blog after such a long haul!

12:18 PM  
Blogger Ravi said...

Forza Inter!!! :)

8:43 AM  
Blogger Arun said...

Dei, please continue writing da waste fellow...inspire me!

12:39 AM  

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