Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ninety minutes is a long time at the Bernabéu....

It started on a wet evening in Valencia and as a long season draws wearily to its close, we are back in Spain.The Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid is the final theatre to conquer en route to what feels like destiny. Bayern are 90 minutes away from reaching the European Cup Final in Munich.

This European campaign has been exactly that.. A set of pitched, tactical battles fought in different countries, where we have gone, fought, suffered setbacks, but finally prevailed. And now, we are away at one of the toughest opponents in the world for one of our last battles in this campaign. Real Madrid, the club synonymous with nine European Cups, the high priest of European Aristocracy welcomes FC Bayern to the Bernabéu.

We are playing with 7 wounded soldiers as it were, who are one rash tackle away from missing the most important match of their life. We have no equivalent replacements for four of them and no replacements whasoever for the other three. But thats what makes this moment so special, its about facing massive odds, taking on a mighty opponent and knowing that despite all this, one swift, precise attack can mean sweet victory

Its the away goal, its what Bayern needs tonight to qualify to the European Cup final. That rapier like attack on the counter to set this tie up and to send a cold shiver through the spines of the Madridistas on the terraces and on the pitch.

Madrid will score tonight, that's fairly ceratin. But they also know that even if they go two up, one goal from Bayern takes the tie to extra time, two goals and Madrid will have to play the game of their lives to return to Munich. The vaste horde of baying fans on the terraces can smell blood for a minute and a minute later feel the cold hand of fear as an away goal could send them crashing out of the European Cup. On such fine margins, lie the fate of epic encounters

The stage is set, the swords are drawn and two grand old dynasties of European football are ready for a decisive battle.

Pack ma's FC Bayern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!